13 years together, five years of marriage and now they’re bringing one beautiful baby boy into the world! We traveled to Mount Lemmon to celebrate Katie and Nancy’s pregnancy journey and the outpour of love they have for one another was refreshing to behold. They’ve overcome an abundance of obstacles for their little one (including surgeries, needles, pills and checkups), so there was nothing better than capturing them literally feeling on top of the world.

There were times where I’d photograph Nancy and her baby bump individually. Katie would watch behind me with tears in her eyes. She would tell Nancy how breathtaking she looked and how she could watch her like this forever. Nancy’s reaction consisted of blissful laughter, which was one of the most delightful exchanges to capture.

Witnessing their kindness, love and anticipation had me leaving their session knowing how blessed this little boy is to have two mothers that already love him endlessly. It’s taken a lot for them to reach this point in their journey, but with their patience, gratitude and perseverance – I know the next chapter in their lives is going to be nothing short of magical.






  1. Shelby says:

    In AWE over this session!


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