Their relationship began with a simple bet — If Bryant won, he’d take Miaya on a date. If Miaya won, she’ take Bryant on a date. They both took a chance and ended up on a date with the person they were going to marry.

I saw them together for the first time at their engagement session and it maybe took me .5 seconds to see how much they completely adored each other. They had an amazing balance between being affectionate and making each other burst out in laughter. They were so wonderfully passionate about the relationship they built and being able to spend the rest of their lives together.

On their wedding day, Miaya radiated confidence, beauty and a happiness that was unmatched. It was nearly impossible for her to step into a room and not have everyone in there smile. The deep green leaves in her bouquet contrasted perfectly with her wedding dress, while also emphasizing the white tulips that matched the color of her gown. She walked with poise and grace and absolutely couldn’t wait to see her groom to-be.

Bryant started with his back turned. When Miaya approached behind him, he turned around, saw her for the first time and immediately was overcome with emotion. It took him a bit to speak through his tears, but when he finally did, he whispered, “So beautiful,” with so much admiration. Miaya softly helped dry off his face and embraced him. It was abundantly clear how thankful the two of them were to begin the journey of marriage and how happy they were to do it together.

That energy was carried throughout the rest of their wedding day. It felt like everyone there was just as happy and thankful as the two of them. Their guests shared Miaya and Bryant’s joy when they were pronounced husband and wife. Everyone shared their excitement during their grand entrance when they were officially introduced as, “Mr. and Mrs. Stephens.” Finally, they shared outright gratitude as they all celebrated Miaya and Bryant’s marriage for the remainder of the evening.

Their story started with a chance. Because of that chance, Miaya and Bryant are embracing a lifetime of love, growth and complete happiness. With the combination of the love they have for one another and the compassion they have for everyone around them, there will be so much goodness and fulfillment throughout their life together. (:


The Creative Wedding Team

Photography: Lara Catherine Photography

Venue: Estrella Reception Center and Pavilion 

Bridal Gown: Brilliant Bridal

Gown Alterations: Gemma’s Fashion and Sewing

Florist: Thompson’s Flower Shop

DJ: Brooke Wiggins

Cake: Robert’s Catering



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