MY everyday favs

Corgis with Tails

I’m obsessed with them. We have the cutest cardigan corgi named Charlie. He's to blame for my obsession.

Destination Weddings

One of my favorite types of weddings to capture. It's so special & romantic traveling somewhere magnificent to celebrate your marriage. 


Putting it on toast and pairing it with strawberries? So freakin' delicious.

The Beach

I may turn into a lobster from all the sunburn after every visit, but the ocean is my home-away-from-home.


The bottle I choose is 100% dependent on how visually pleasing the label is.


You can always find me with an iced latte with an extra shot of espresso before a wedding day.

Broadway Musicals

I have a secret ambition to star in Hamilton... It's a work in progress.

Fresh Florals

Whether it's on a wedding day or in my home, nothing beats a beautiful bouquet.

your memories should be Preserved

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was glance through the album that contained portraits from my grandma & grandpa's wedding day. As a child, I loved seeing how the moments that had been captured were able to display every detail from that day. Whether it was seeing how my grandparents looked as they prepared for the ceremony, the stunning gown my grandma wore or the happiness they shared when they were officially husband and wife -- Their portraits connected us and allowed me to relive that special day with them 60 years later. 

This is why photography is so important. The documented memories captured on your wedding day will tell your story for generations to come. I want to make sure the legacy you're building together is beautifully captured so that every time your portraits are shared with someone, they're able to fully relive your special day with you -- just like I could with my grandma & grandpa. 

The moments with your momma right before the ceremony.

My wedding day favs

The details you picked out that make the day just right.

My wedding day favs

Your excitement as you walk down the aisle.

My wedding day favs

When they finally see you

My wedding day favs

That happy "just married" feeling

My wedding day favs

The biggest smile they get watching you twirl

My wedding day favs

The dance your dad has spent his life imagining.

My wedding day favs

The outpour of love from your best friends & family.

My wedding day favs

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