Tiffany and Levi are people you fall instantly in love with. When you talk to them for the first time, you are immediately greeted with genuine kindness. They ask questions, make you feel important and the two big smiles you were initially met with never fade. When you leave, you feel like you’ve talked to two friends you’ve known for ages even if it was a conversation that only lasted an hour!

The first time I captured their relationship for their engagement portraits, I couldn’t believe how compassionate and respectful they were. Not only to me, but toward one other. I admired how one moment would be engulfed in passionate laughter while the next would be filled with soft intimacy. Their relationship is a perfect balance and witnessing it was absolutely magical!

Because I got to see so much of their relationship, I absolutely couldn’t wait for their wedding day! Their wedding took place at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan – and to say it was completely breathtaking would be an understatement. The leaves were changing colors, the weather was beautiful (after a week of forecast telling us it was going to be raining buckets) and the atmosphere was filled with anticipation.

When I arrived and found Tiffany, she looked stunning, but even more than that – she looked ready. She had prepped every gift, ordered every little detail and had already planned for every curveball the day could have thrown. She had the biggest smile as she showed me her jaw-dropping wedding gown and then gushed about how excited she was for Levi to see her in it!

When Levi finally saw her, his expression was priceless. He finally saw more than just his girlfriend, he partner, his soulmate – he finally looked and saw his wife. I teared up as I captured how passionately they embraced each other out of pure excitement and love. That was the energy they carried throughout the entire day – the same irreplaceable energy they had the first day I met them.

Tiffany & Levi – I’m SO honored I was able to be a part of your wedding day. I’m beyond blessed to work with two people that have a beautiful relationship and actively want to share their kindness with everyone they meet!

Thank you SO much for being you!


Venue: Royal Park Hotel

Florist: Breath Of Spring

Catering: Royal Park Hotel

Bridesmaid Attire: ASOS

Groomsmen Attire: The Black Tux

Reception Linens & Chairs: Elegant Linens LLC

And a HUGE thank you to Marta from Marta Furman Photography for doing an incredible job second shooting!

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