The day before our session together, I received this email from Brooke:

“Hey Lara,

I just want to remind you that Michigan is cold. It’s usually in the 50’s in the morning this time of year!”

And she was absolutely right. I was traveling to Grand Rapids, Michigan for Brooke and Alex’s engagement session and knew it was going to be insanely special (and a litttttttle chilly)! Being from Arizona, I couldn’t stop dreaming about the autumn colors I hardly get to see, the slight chill in the air that tells you fall is here AND all the layers I never get to wear (give me ALL the scarves, gloves, boots and winter coats!!!)!

But even more than that, I knew Brooke and Alex were a special couple! From the moment Brooke spoke to me over email, I could already tell how fun the two of them were! Not only because Brooke immediately dove into session planning with me, but because she also mentioned that her and Alex would be bringing pizza, burritos, beer and wine to their session! (Seriously, how cool are they?!)

When we arrived, every expectations were immediately met! We chose to meet at Pickerel Park, which had the prettiest bridge that stretched out across an entire lake. The best part? The lake was completely surrounded by an abundance of orange, yellow green and red leaves that completely made my heart soar!

When I saw Brooke and Alex, I couldn’t stop gushing about how perfect they were! Their outfits were SO on point, their chemistry was AMAZING and we seriously had an incredible time with the tasty props they brought along!

Brooke & Alex, I absolutely adore you two! Thank you for making this session exceed every expectation I had! Working with you both in a place that was filled with beauty and unique colors was absolutely unforgettable! Congratulations again!


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