Holy WOW. I don’t think there’s a word that can actually describe just how BEAUTIFUL these two people are! Tiffany and Levi are serious relationship goals. When we arrived to our engagement shoot location, I think it took me a solid five minutes before I could pick my jaw up from how stunning they were! Everything about them was SO on point, whether it was their outfits, the sweetest interactions they exchanged or simply how hilarious they were (I don’t think I stopped wiping away tears from laughing the entire time).

I was blown away by the amount of passion Tiffany and Levi have for one another. Whether it was through our quiet, intimate photos or the ones with tons of genuine laughter, these two created an unforgettable photo session and have absolutely made it on to my FAVORITES OF ALL TIME list.

Tiffany brought a bouquet (that she arranged herself!!!!) and it added so much to this dreamy photoshoot! She’s seriously going to be the perfect bride!

UHMMMM. THAT BOWTIE THOOOO. Can these two get anymore perfect? (Spoiler alert: the answer is NO.)

I literally felt like I was shooting stills from a movie! I mean, just LOOK at the way they glow!

Tiffany & Levi, I couldn’t have been happier (or more blown away) by your love for one another and how beautifully it translates on camera. I absolutely adore you two and I know your wedding day is going to be perfection!


Petite Isabelle Grey Tulle Lace Halter Maxi Dress: Morning Lavender

White Sheer Dress with Floral Pattern: Love Culture

Layla White Lace Midi Dress: Morning Lavender

 Makeup: All Dolled Up Luxe

  1. Ann Brooks says:

    The photos are stunningly beautiful – so very of – the – moment, natural.

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