Hi there! I’m a little over-the-top excited because this is my first ever blog post on the Exhilaration Photography website (cue confetti)! I’ve been a little nervous about creating my first post mostly because I’m kind of terrible at talking about myself. Which sounds strange because nothing should be easier than telling a bunch of people who you are and what you’re about. I think I enjoy learning more about others, so I tend to jump right into wanting to hear everything about them before even mentioning anything about me!

I want this blog to be a source of my work and a platform for helping young photographers and business owners, and having a little corner that tells you more about who I am and my experiences will be a great resource for you!

So, to start things off – I’m dedicating this post to helping you learn a little bit more about me, my journey and some funny (and maybe even a little embarrassing) facts thrown in at the end!

As you know, I’m the photographer and creative behind Exhilaration Photography! I created the idea behind EP when I was attending college at Northern Arizona University, while I was pursuing a degree in photography along with another degree in communication studies! I honestly had no clue what my plan was when I initially began my studies, (A LOT of people gave me a confused look when I told them one of my degrees was in photo) but I knew I chose two degrees that I was passionate about. At the time, that seemed to be all that really mattered to me.

I may have not known initially what I wanted to do with my degree, but through my education, I developed connections that led me down the path of wedding photography. The first time I photographed a wedding on my own, I was 19 and I. Absolutely. Loved it. I loved every part of what being a wedding photographer entailed. Whether it was constructing timelines with my brides and grooms, delicately placing shoes, jewelry and invitations for detail shots or the adrenaline rush I got when there was pressure to make sure the day ran smoothly while creating beautiful images – I couldn’t help falling in love with the idea of becoming a wedding photographer.

So, I spent my time at college becoming a better photographer, listener, communicator, time manager and business owner. My goal was to feel confident in pursuing the business I had been dreaming of by the time I graduated. Although I knew what I was dying to do, I had other sources trying to pull me in different directions and I felt an overwhelming amount of pressure to fall into the routine of graduating college, immediately obtaining a job that provides and setting my business endeavors aside for later on when I “could afford to”.

I wish I had listened to my gut at the time, but I tried really hard to make those sources happy by pursuing what I was “supposed” to be doing with my life. I obtained a marketing job and worked 10 hours a day for five days a week. It was miserable and I found myself sacrificing my drive and passion for this expectation people had, which absolutely killed me.

I worked for nearly 2 months at my marketing job before I couldn’t ignore the inner tug that urged me to focus on building my business. I think I scared the crap out of everyone that cared about me when I left my job, but when your gut is telling you something (more like screaming it), you can’t, and shouldn’t, ignore it.

A year ago, I was working that job, but today I’m a proud business owner that photographs seniors, couples and weddings full-time! Remembering the journey is crucial when it comes to learning and growing. I love what I do, and even though there’s a lot of stress that comes with running a successful business, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

“But Lara, I literally just came on here because you said there were funny facts about you.”

Okay, okay, okay. Funny facts are coming right up! Just know I appreciate you being here because even if you came to find embarrassing things about me, you’re still supporting a part of who I am and I’m endlessly grateful for that. 🙂


I can’t whistle, but I certainly act like I can! I think I annoy everyone that’s around me because I’ll start trying to whistle my favorite musical melody, but it just sounds like a pug gasping for air. I’m determined to get it someday!

I don’t wax, tweeze or pluck my eyebrows. Like, at all. I think it’s a combination of messing it up every time I do and the fact that it’s way to painful for what it’s worth. I have a high pain tolerance, but I think my weak spot is definitely the eyebrow area. I shade them in mostly to cover up how much I avoid doing everything else. -sob-

I’m obsessed with the musical, Hamilton. I seriously can’t stop listening. Well, maybe I -could- stop, but I flat out don’t want to. I just love listening to my favorite songs over and over! The problem is all of them are my favorite… So, I’m basically just listening to the entire thing on repeat 24/7.

I have a slight Canadian accent??? I say slight because it only comes out with hard -o- words like: cone, alone or cyclone. It’s weird mostly because I’ve never even been to Canada. Or as far as I know! Maybe there’s a strange mystery somewhere in there.

My favorite animal is an oyster. No, I didn’t mean my favorite food. I think they’re super cute and interesting! This may be contradicting, but I love the pearls they make. I really don’t support things like oyster farms, I just think it’s incredible how every pearl started as a piece of sand and, over time, transformed into something so beautiful.

I like pretending I can cook, but I actually suck at it. Every time I’m on Pinterest, there will be something that’s like, “Oh, make this super yummy dish in five steps,” and I’ll be like, “Yes, challenge accepted, Pinterest, that dish looks bomb.” And then I put my poor kitchen through hell as I try to figure out how five steps turned into twenty and how the thing in front of me looks more like a bubbly pile of burnt trash rather than edible food. They say practice makes perfect, but so far, it just makes garbage.

I think six weird/embarrassing things is a good number to stop at. I have to save some for you all in my future posts! Thank you again for reading, (maybe) laughing and supporting me! I really can’t express how thankful for you!


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