Tucson Couples Photography Session at Honeybee Canyon

Since it’s the start of a new season, I’ve been really feeling all the fall vibes. That’s why today on the blog, I’m throwing it back to one of my favorite sessions with Natalie and Rhossy. We met at Honeybee Canyon in Tucson for their portraits and I absolutely loved the way their chic outfits contrasted against the glowing desert light.

Their aesthetic was incredibly on point, but my absolute favorite thing about this session was how the interactions between Natalie & Rhossy translated on camera. They would make each other laugh so genuinely, but would also share moments of deep connection and passion. Oh, and Rhossy helping Natalie change shoes so she didn’t have to walk in heels to the next location? Absolutely priceless. The two of them were absolutely wonderful together and it was a joy creating portraits that beautifully conveyed their incredible connection.


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