I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been to make this blog post! Anyone that knows me, knows how much I loooove dogs (the kind of “when I was six, I had a dog themed birthday party” type of love).  I’ve been blessed to have two really amazing ones! I’ve recently been getting a lot of questions on social media about Guinness and Parker, so I wanted to make a blog post about them! So, let’s meet the babies!

Meet Parker!

Parker is a Sharpei mix, but I refer to him as my bear-cat! He looks like a bear with his small ears and big brown eyes but acts like a cat with how much he loves taking naps! His favorite places in the house are the backyard where he goes searching for lizards and the living room where he loves to munch on ice cubes and sleep at your feet! His least favorite place would be in the bathtub… bath time is our monthly struggle. His wrinkles are adorable and was one of the reasons why I instantly knew I was going to take him home! He hardly barks, but as soon as you come through the door, he will be right there, wagging his tail excessively from excitement!

One of the best parts about him though is his emotional intuition. When someone is upset, he’ll patiently sit by their side. If there’s a day where my anxiety is higher than usual, he’ll calmly put his paw on my lap and let me know he’s there to help. The amount of compassion and love he brings is consistently comforting to everyone that’s around him!

Meet Guinness!

And thennnnnn there’s Guinness. When he was born, there was something in the universe that was like, “Let’s take everything that Parker is, make the complete opposite, add a tornado and we’ll call it good.” This puppy came into our lives this year and I can honestly say there hasn’t been a dull moment since! He’s the type of dog that never seems to have an “off” switch, which leads to him chewing on everything, spastically running around the house, constantly trying to eat ANYTHING, excessively licking and gnawing on anything he can get his teeth on (sometimes including you!).

BUT. Amongst this crazy ball of energy, there’s a really sweet puppy that is irresistibly adorable! I always joke that Guinness is Parker’s therapy dog because when Parker is distressed, Guinness will immediately come over and lick his face all over! He loves Parker more than anything (except for maybe peanut butter) and insists on being right by his side. Whether it’s his long, little body or the way he waddles around the house with his short legs – you can’t help instantly falling in love with Guinness (bite marks and all)!

They may be total opposites, but both of these puppies LOVE snuggling together and have become unexpectedly inseparable! About 90% of my laughter comes from Guinness and Parker whether it’s when we’re trying to nap and Guinness won’t stop licking my face or how funny they look when they’re trying to lap up every trace of peanut butter left on a spoon! Honestly, the best part of my day is being surrounded by two dogs that may have completely different personalities but share the same amount of compassion and care for everyone around them. 🙂

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