The first time I heard from Zach, he told me he was serving in the Marines. He wrote he was briefly returning to Arizona from North Carolina to his girlfriend of 3 1/2 years, Taylor. They wanted to have a session done while he was home before returning to the east coast, which just about made my heart melt.

My heart ACTUALLY melted when I saw these two in front of my camera together. They completely RADIATED happiness and devotion for one another. Even though we were photographing in the heat, you would never know because they never stopped smiling!

After their session was over, I raced to my laptop,¬†immediately uploaded their images and began editing them. About midway through, I couldn’t help tearing up. I was so thankful to be a part of something that is going to mean SO much to them. Being away from someone you love is the most challenging thing you can go through. But on the days where you miss that person a little bit more than usual, you have pictures to look back on. Those memories will make you feel like that person is there – making you smile and laugh all over again. And while that separation can be sinking, there’s something beautiful about unconditionally longing for that person until you’re reunited again.

These two were absolutely perfect during their session and I’m beyond ecstatic with all the beautiful moments we captured together!


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